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Hand acupressure for headache and migraine


Happy New Year everyone, I wish everyone would be very healthy and as strong as a tiger. It's been two weeks I haven't updated this blog and that makes me feel so sorry...anyway, let's jump on healing one of the most popular health problems - headache.

When headache occurs, we can stimulate the relevant acupoint on the second joint of our fingers according to where the headache locates.

To really categorize the reasons of the headache would not be very easy because there are different kinds of symptoms and feelings like the head feels "heavy", "tight", "tearing" etc. The actual causes of headache can include the following ones: vascular diseases such as high blood pressure, accumulation of poisonous elements such as carbon monoxide, headache caused by fever, brain diseases such as tumors or cancer, or causes by diseases of organs like eyes, noises, teeth which are close to the head.

To heal headache with acupressure, the most important thing is to confirm the area where the headache occurs, like if the pain is from forehead is different from the pain from the top of the head, because the acupoint to heal different headaches are different, but they're all at the end of the wrinkle when you bend the second joint of your fingers (see diagram):

  • When the pain is at forehead, stimulate the forehead acupoint at the second joint of index fingers on the side that's more close to the thumb;
  • When the pain is at top of the head, stimulate the acupoint at the second joint of middle fingers on the side that's more close to the index finger;
  • When the pain is on the side of your head, which could be migraine, stimulate the migraine acupoint at the second joint of ring fingers on the side that's more close to the little finger;
  • When the pain is at back of the head, stimulate the acupoint at the second joint of little fingers that's facing outside.

On the palm side, there are a heart acupoint and an acupoint called "Tai Ling" at the center of the inside wrist. (See diagram) They're effective acupoints when the headache is caused by vascular problems.

Like many of the acupressure method I mentioned. Stimulate these acupoints with 5-10 toothpicks tied up together, or use a cigarette to heat up those acupoints without burning your skin for about 7-10 times. Stimulate harder if the headache is stronger. Take turns on both hands until the headache relieves. If there is no relief at all, you may have to go check up with a doctor because there may be some serious problem going wrong in your head.



Hand Acupressure/Reflexology for low blood pressure

In contrast of the energetic high blood pressure patients, low blood pressure is definitely the opposite, causing the patient sleepy all the time, and their limbs are usually cold. High blood pressure is definitely dangerous, but low blood pressure is painful as well. Usually the standard readings of low blood pressure on the meter are maximum under 100mm and minimum under 60mm. The cause of low blood pressure are usually genetic reasons. Low blood pressure patients are usually tend to be weak, but they have longer life. The price of this kind of longevity is that there are a lot of little health problems in daily life, and don't feel well. Symptoms include fainting when standing, cerebral anemia, cold limbs, headache, tinnitus...etc. Women may have inconsistent period as well.

No matter what, blood pressure shouldn't be too high or too low. There are four acupressure points for treating low blood pressure: Zhong Zhu and Yang Chi on the back of the hand,  Shen Men and Tai Ling on the palm side. (See diagram) Note that Shen Men and Tai Ling are below right below the palm, when you turn your wrist inward and you'll see three wrinkles, these two acupoints are both located on the middle wrinkle. These acupoints are all on the "channels" that control blood circulations. Stimulate these 4 acupoints every day can help raising the blood pressure, then the cold limbs and headache symptoms will eventually disappear. Note we'll need to massage these acupoints until we feel the warmth on the areas around those acupoints.



Hand Acupressure/Reflexology for high blood pressure, part 2

Last post I talked about acupoints for treating high blood pressure. This second part, like usual, is about the reflexive area that you can massage to help control high blood pressure.

When you wake up in the morning and totally feel energetic about the busy work; in the next event you totally feel like a brand new person with a loud, confident voice and never feel tired; and then you think, "I feel really healthy and strong now." If you're really confident about it, you may really be the type that is young and healthy. However, another cause of this sudden "energetic" manner can be high blood pressure. Because a lot of high blood pressure patients or "potential" patients are quite energetic and even a little "hyper" with activities.

Many think that high blood pressure is a disease that mostly occurs in middle age group. Although it's partly true, but many young people may have that as well, especially the genetic  ones. Usually when we were young, the blood vessels are more soft and flexible that can take more impacts with change of blood pressure. But if we're over confident with our health, that may become a problem. Because working over time, alcohol, smoking, stay up too late, too much salt intake....for a period of time - will easily cause high blood pressure.

May be we can start massaging our hands everyday to start adjusting our body condition. High blood pressure is not a quick thing to cure no matter in eastern or western medicine. So, patience and continuation of hand reflexology is a helpful thing to do.

The reflexive areas treating high blood pressure are mostly on the thumbs. The palm side and  the back side of the thumbs belong to "head reflexive area", "neck reflexive area" and "bronchus reflexive area". (See diagram)


Clip on the thumbs from the side of them to stimulate the area, keep twisting and waving the wrists at the same time. That may help lower the blood pressure. Massage the thumb tips every day whenever possible such as on the way to work. If blood pressure is already quite high, taking breaths in mind with the same tempo of the massage will make it more effective.

If we meet a person who got sudden rise of blood pressure, ask him or her to sit down and rub the wrist tendon on the little finger side with the direction from arm to hand. This should help lower the blood pressure immediately. And since that may cause a little temporary low blood pressure, that's why the patient need to sit down first.


Hand Acupressure/Reflexology for high blood pressure, part 1

After a whole week of flu, I finally can come back to the monitor and write again. When I was coughing, I tried the hand acupressure I wrote about a while ago as well. And it did relieve my cough a bit, but the treatment took quite long to make it work.

Anyway, as I've been doing lately, I'm going to talk about hand acupoints for high blood pressure in first part, and reflexive area in the second part. High blood pressure means the blood flow in our body doesn't go well because of certain resistance, and cause the heart to pump harder and give higher pressure to keep the blood flowing. The causes of high blood pressure vary. Most of the time is caused by other health problems, but overweight and inappropriate diet can also be catalysts of high blood pressure.

High blood pressure can cause some self aware symptoms like headache, shoulder stiffness, tinnitus, palpitation etc. But the most scary one would be arteriosclerosis caused by high blood pressure. It's because when blood pressure is high, the arteries of the whole body will have to share the extra pressure evenly, some blood vessels get weaker and may cause stroke or myocardial infarction (MI)

Treatment of high blood pressure is usually taking medicine to control the pressure. But we can't ignore the side effects of these medicines. So acupuncture and acupressure on acupoints would probably be a more natural treatment. There are 3 acupoints on the back and the side of the hands. The first one is called "Yang Xi", which locates on the inner side of the wrist under the root of thumb, where the concave area is.  The second one is called "He Gu" on the back of the hand in between the thumb and the index finger,  locates at about the length of the first segment of the thumb counting inward. The third one is called "Luo Ling Wu" on the back of the hand in between the knuckles of index finger and middle finger. Most high blood pressure patient can feel the little pulse at those acupoints, so it's not too difficult to find them. (See diagrams)

Here is the guide to stimulate those acupoints using finger massaging or rubbing, if problem is serious, use a bunch of 10 toothpicks or pointy device to stimulate:

1. Maximum blood pressure > 160mm reading on the meter: stimulate the first one "Yang Xi"

2. Maximum blood pressure > 180mm reading on the meter: stimulate the second one "He Gu"

3. Maximum blood pressure > 200mm reading on the meter: stimulate the third one "Luo Ling Wu"




Introduction of Foot Acupressure – Reflexology


About a month ago I posted about 12+2 meridians or channels carrying Qi and Blood Flow, and the 365 major acupoints (or acupuncture points, or "xue dao" in Mandarin). About two weeks ago I talked about hand acupressure and some techniques for healing some common illness like toothache, diarrhea or motion sickness through massaging the reflexive area or the stimulating certain acupoints. Before I list more different illnesses that can be healed through the hands, I decided to introduce foot acupressure as well, so I have both to talk about later.

The therapy on feet are actually the same on the hands. The healing based on the stimulation of the reflexive areas (or reflecting areas, reflective areas....whatever they're called in English) is called reflexology. Usually stimulations include massage, acupuncture, acupressure, moxabustion etc. The purpose is to adjust the function of internal organs and enhance the flow of Qi and blood through the meridians. Basically I kinda talked about all these in the introduction of hand acupressure.

There are about 20% of major acupoints on our feet and legs. Massaging these areas and stimulating those points not only can cure common illness like headache or toothache, even high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes these serious diseases can be controlled and relieved. Foot or hand acupressure therapy doesn't have any side effects and always safe. Not just the hands, feet work as a forecast for our health as well.

When we're done with exercises, massaging our legs and feet not only help us to avoid the sore, we're actually helping the internal organs and Yin Yang balance as well. Foot acupressure can be done by ourselves without others help, anywhere and anytime we like.

I bought a "carpet with rocks" which is actually made for foot acupressure therapy. Walking on this carpet is painful, but it's also a nice therapy for our health. If you walk on some little stones and you find your feet really painful, that means your health is just so-so. If you feel ok, that means you're quite healthy. I'll try to post the photo of this thing I bought and talk about this later. Also I'll talk about the techniques of massage on foot as well.

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