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Hand Acupressure for abdominal distention (intestinal gas), belching(burping)/bloating/flatulence(farting)

Most of the time, flatulence, also known as farting, and belching, which also known as blurping, make us embarrassed. However, if it happens in the wrong moment, wrong place and wrong time, it's not going to be funny, or even have some critical effects on certain decisions.

If belching, bloating or flatulence happen too often, there may be some disorder with the digestive system. If you always feel bloating, you may need to pay attention. There may be diseases or conditions that are causing this trouble. Bloating is a feeling, while abdominal distention means physically the abdomen is larger than normal, so they're different. There are different reasons I found from the researches, but I'm not going to list them all here for now, just some of them. Diet like taking too much high fiber, high starch food, and hard-to-digest food (which means the hard food that takes longer to digest) will produce more intestine gas. Eating too fast, or eating while walking and using straws too much will bring air into our stomach.

Whenever you feel like you have some intestinal gas, or going to blurb or fart in wrong timing, you can stimulate the large intestine acupoint, "er jian" and the reflexive area for stomach, spleen and large intestine about 4-5 times each . (see diagrams) That should relieve the problem. Doing these stimulation regular can also help with the bloating problem in a long term.