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18 tips to keep men young (Part 2)

(cont'd from Part 1)

7. Morning Erection - keep it "up" in the morning shows the young energy. The "harder you keep", the healthier your arteries are. There is a research indicated that having sex for over 3 times a week can reduce ED (Erection disorder) by four times, while having sex for less than one time a week can increase ED probability twice.

8. Fat body makes you 10 years older. In 2007, there's an important research discovered that for every 5% increase of BMI (Body Mass Index, around 13.5 kg) of men, the level of testosterone decline to a "10 years older" level.

9. Train your brain for 15 years younger. Take some IQ test or solve some puzzles can keep a 45yo man to have a 30yo active brain.

10. A glass of wine (no more than 3 glasses in general) can increase 97% of survival rate up to 85 years old.

11. 7 hours < Sleeping time < 8 hours keep the longest life in average. There was a research that lasted for 22 years with 21268 adults involved indicates that men sleep less than 7 hours will increase early death rate 26% while sleeping more than 8 hours will also increase early death rate for 24%.

12. Vitamin A helps eliminates wrinkles around the eyes. As one grows old, cell metabolism rate slows down and skin starts to lose collagen, and it will be shown directly on the thinnest skin - which will be the eyes area. Vitamin A helps produce more collagen on skin.

(to be cont'd)