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Fish Ebola from Norwegian Salmon?

Salmon imported from Norwegian were found to contain infectious salmon anemia (Infectious Salmon Anaemia, referred to as ISA), and China in order to prevent "fish Ebola" virus passed on the mainland salmon farming industry caused significant damage, China and some other countries banned the import of whole Norwegian salmon.

Processed products is not affected
Reuters quoted the Norwegian Food Safety Authority said that China banned imports of Norwegian salmon whole, because in May of this year, the Shenzhen Bay Inspection and Quarantine officers from two batches of imported chilled salmon in Norway, and examination of the ISA virus. The Chinese side said that until the importer can prove that there is no ISA virus imported salmon, and other variants of the virus, will consider lifting the ban. But some of processed salmon, no head, gills and viscera, you can continue to the entrance.

However, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority said it could not make a commitment to this. Bureau officials said that due to the non-pathogenic ISA virus in European waters common or minor pathogenic variant, to ensure that exports of salmon in the waters unaffected ISA-infected produce "more difficult." Norway has asked China to provide comprehensive risk assessment report, as well as the specific requirements of China's imports of salmon.

ISA virus is emerging farmed salmon in a highly lethal disease, mortality rate of nearly 100%, belong to the World Animal Health (OIE) announced the list of animal diseases must be notified, fish infected with ISA virus is not for human consumption. ISA virus was first discovered in 1984 in Norway, followed by the United States, Canada and other North Atlantic countries. In recent years, several Norwegian emergency report to the OIE, the country's multi-discovered ISA. In addition, the UK and Chile have repeatedly erupted ISA, where the 2007 outbreak of ISA virus in Chile so that has adversely affected the country's 30-year history of salmon export industry. But earlier studies that humans eating infected salmon are not hazardous to health.

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Can Traditional Chinese Medicine effective against Ebola?

Can Traditional Chinese Medicine or Herbs effective against Ebola?

Ebola virus (EBOV), Democratic Republic of Congo virus in Africa, named after the Ebola River (the country formerly known as Zaire), is used to refer to a group of viruses Khoi Ebola virus belongs to the fiber under several viruses generic term, can lead to Ebola virus disease, suffering from the disease can cause people to death, including a number of different levels of symptoms, including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, skin color changes, body aches, internal bleeding, external bleeding, fever, infection those symptoms with the same virus family as fiber Marburg virus is very similar, with 50-90% of the death rate, the main cause of death was a stroke, myocardial infarction, hypovolemic shock or multiple organ failure.


August 12, WHO held a press conference in Geneva, Switzerland on the latest Ebola outbreak, there is a reporter's question "whether traditional Chinese medicine effective against Ebola."
Reporter: I'm from CCTV, there is a problem, China is also very concerned about this virus, whether you think Chinese medicine have some effect in the treatment of this viral aspect of it?
WHO spokesman Shu Qi: I think quite frankly I do not know, because you know that Chinese medicine in the treatment of malaria, there are some new progress, then he may have the effect, but for now we do not know even if there are some experts suggest some new treatments and prevention measures, but we have reason to believe that there are some treatment and prevention it is unclear circumstances.