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Hand Acupressure for constipation, part 2

So after part 1 yesterday, we'll continue on hand acupressure or massage for healing constipation. Yesterday we showed the acupoint especially for constipation. Today we'll talk about the reflexive areas.

One of the most secret annoyances for young ladies is constipation. Many women doesn't even care even if they don't go for 4-5 days or a week. But if they have constipation and they don't pay attention to it, it's going to get worse and definitely affect the overall health. It's going to cause dry skin, freckles, over-weight, lack of appetite, fatigue...etc. Surprisingly, constipation can also be a major cause of stiffness of shoulders and frustration.

Sometimes when we see these ladies at work get frustrated for minor reasons, men usually think they either have period or they're simply hysterical. However, a lot of times it's just all about constipation. We can ask these ladies to give you their hands for a little massage and tell them it's a magic for them to cheer up in the next couple days - and of course we wouldn't mention about constipation, or they'll probably slap us instead.

When you walk out with your girlfriend who suddenly get frustrated, you may hold her hand and do massage therapy on her hand slowly. Use your thumb and index finger to clip on the second and third segments and the root of her index fingers and keep massaging. It's even more effective after a bath or shower.

There are two types of constipation. One is "functional" constipation caused by the inefficiency of colon function - usually because of the lack of fiber. Eat more carrots, beans, beef or anything with more fiber, along with the hand massage on the reflexive areas. (See diagram)

Another type is "cramping" constipation caused by stress. So relax and relieve the pressure and massage the reflexive area is the key to heal this type of constipation.

People who're easy to get constipation tend to have a stiff right wrist, so twist the wrist during day time can also help relieve the constipation.



Hand Acupressure for constipation, part 1

Okay, did anyone ever miss the hand acupressure therapy? I do. Because this natural healing method has no side effects, and very convenient.

Constipation is usually caused by the weakening function/movements of stomach and intestines. So even if we go to take a deuce once every two days, as long as the feces looks normal, it's not constipation. On the contrary, even if we go every day, but the feces are dry and hardened, it's still one kind of constipation.

Other than disease factors, people who don't do enough exercise or busy people who like to skip breakfast have higher opportunities getting constipation. So it's actually kind of related to habits as well. People who suffer from constipation may also increase the risk of over-weight, high blood pressure and liver disease.

This post will show the acupoint (or acupressure point) for healing constipation. It's located between the root of the index finger and the root of middle finger, on the index finger bone. (see diagram)


As for how to stimulate this acupressure point, we can go sit on the toilet 10-30 minutes after breakfast. Then we slowly but firmly massage that acupoint with the index finger of the other hand. (See second diagram below) Unless it's a very serious constipation, usually that helps. Timing is quite important, usually that acupoint is most effective the first hour  when we get up in the morning. Of course, people who have constipation should control their intake of meat, and eat more vegetable with fibers instead.


This time we talked about a particular acupressure point. Next post we'll continue to talk about reflexive area for constipation as well.