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Diet for Hair Loss

Diet for Hair Loss

Hair loss is a medical term used to describe inexplicable hair loss. Most of the human body to lose 70-150 hairs a day, mainly through washing and combing. When hair is lost faster than the replacement rate he called alopecia.
Permanent alopecia (hair can not be recycled), is usually genetic cause. However, temporary hair loss, is composed of many causes, including nutritional deficiencies and inadequate diet caused. Thus, the nutrient may be effective in treating hair loss.
Nutrition and Hair Loss
What you eat can affect hair growth. Strengthen the body's cells healthy diet health, including healthy hair follicle cells.
Cells within the hair follicle hair must meet certain metabolic demands, hair growth can occur. Means need certain vitamins, minerals and protein, making hair growth, otherwise the hair may break or even fall off.
Modern diet rich in refined, processed foods often lack key nutrients needed for hair growth. It is also worth mentioning that the high fat diet, the animal protein may also lead to hair loss, since they damage the kidneys and in the blood to become acidic.
So pay attention to proper diet and adequate intake of the following foods are, they can help prevent hair loss or hair breakage.

Foods rich in vitamin A and C
Vitamin A and C will help the body to produce substances called sebum, which is secreted by the hair follicles and the hair root is used as a natural conditioner. Dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach are good sources of vitamins A and C,.
Rich in foods rich in B vitamins
Vitamin B is the strength of hair growth is particularly important. Vitamin B2 (riboflavin), B5 (pantothenic acid) and B6 (biotin) to strengthen the hair follicles and promote hair growth, but recent scientific reports have shown that vitamin B12 deficiency, increased hair shedding. Foods such as red meat, dairy products, eggs, whole grains and green leafy vegetables are also good sources of B vitamins.
Foods rich in essential fatty acids
Essential fatty acids such as ω-3 and ω-6 conditioning agent and the hair follicle is a natural moisturizing effect, prevent hair breakage and hair loss. Ensure scalp health. Foods rich in essential fatty acids, including salmon, sardines, mackerel, flaxseed, nuts and avocado.
Foods rich in iron and protein
Hair loss may be iron deficiency, moderate intake of red meat, eggs, beans, whole grains and dark green leafy vegetables can make hair loss improvement.
Protein-rich foods stimulate hair growth and strengthen hair follicles and prevent further hair loss. Protein-rich foods include red meat, poultry, fish and seafood, dairy products, eggs, beans, nuts and seeds.
Silica-rich foods
Silica (Silica) is to stimulate and strengthen the important minerals hair growth. Silica may be such as cucumber, celery, leafy vegetables, strawberries, brown rice and oats naturally absorbed from food.


Cyberchondria – Google Glass with online health diagnose

Cyberchondria - Google Glass with online health diagnose

When the sick limb weakness, trouble still waiting to go out for treatment, the disease results plus disease. For this case, Google is experimenting "line to see a doctor" service, in addition to searching for basic medical information with family, but also launch an online video consultations, for use at home more effective diagnosis.
Google confirmed that work with the two medical groups, in addition to searching for health information on the different types of users, and provide professionally qualified doctors for patients in the online video consultation. The current test version free of charge, but will charge the service officially launched.

Google Glass help doctors diagnose
Video will follow the expert consultation services platform Helpouts operation, there Helpouts through Internet video calls, so for live conversation with family and experts in different areas. Although similar to the long walk from the medical services provided by other companies, but with Google's popularity, coupled with the Google Glass convenient doctors believe can make the service popular, but yet have a formal launch date.
Online information developed, many people search on the Internet to obtain medical information, but worried that the patient will suffer from the medical profession, "Internet self-diagnosis disease" (cyberchondria), that is based on symptoms for self-diagnosis, through Web searches, resulting in increased health anxiety losses than gains.

On the other hands, A 31-year-old American naval personnel wearing Google Glass glasses addiction, addiction treatment to accept, I believe that was the first to wear Google Glass cases arising from Internet addiction disorder. The patient receiving treatment at Sarp thirty-five days after treatment effect is good, granted discharge.
American Drug Abuse and Rehabilitation Program (Sarp) Addiction and Rehabilitation Research Donne head doctor, the patient by September ○ 一 years was sent to Sarp, accept alcohol treatment. When the patient admission, there unconscious action, determined to addiction, poor memory, irritability and more quarrelsome.
According to the Sarp, the patient must be treated in thirty-five days away from temptation, including the inability to eat smoke, drink alcohol, they can not use any electronic device. Results doctors found the patient repeatedly index finger click temples, open Google Glass headset seem to make miniature display unconscious action.
Under the fine to ask the patient said he bought two months ago Google Glass, refers to the glasses help improve his work performance, speed up the completion of the Navy military list.
Future glasses about 18 hours, and only removed when sleeping and bathing, and to recognize when buying glasses since dreams are dreamed he began wearing glasses and other symptoms. Donne patients even to admit that he's actually representing Google Glass addiction alcoholism but also deep.


Chinese Therapy for sleepless

Chinese Therapy for sleepless
Pillow, pocket bag | Local applicator | Chinese medicine foot bath

According to TCM theory, the twelve meridians in the body surface has a reaction zone, called the twelve skin. Leather part is gas collaterals of spreading lies, living in the outermost layer of the body, acupuncture points on it, is an important position and external communication up and down, so that the surface and visceral interaction. Common External like applicator, moxibustion, hot iron, etc., are all acts by certain parts of the skin, not only for skin diseases, surgical trauma, ENT, surface disease, also often used for certain visceral disorders .

External medicine stems from long-term medical practice, rich in content, approach and diverse. Like asthma can back points applicator, navel, medicine inhalation, suppository, enema, have effectively aborted attack or prevention. The way the body surface or topical application, sometimes even make efficacy directly to disease, or condition for some patients not taking the drug.

Insomnia treatment, no matter for what reason, the ultimate goal is to restore physical and mental balance and harmony, so that the brain to re-establish a good sleep and wake rhythm. External convenient and effective medicine to relieve physical and mental imbalance, help sleep and maintain deep sleep. External also follow the dialectical principle, the choice of sedative drugs with raw, fierce, sweet medicine, will be made of plaster, powder, decoction, wine, oil, etc., in order to improve the surface penetration and absorption. Intractable insomnia especially suitable combination of external governance and internal governance process.

Pillow, sleep aids pocket bag

Use pocket bag pillow sleep aids are folk tradition, as early as Jin Ge Hong significant "elbow Emergencies", there is described with steamed soybeans loaded pillow treatment of insomnia, Song recorded fitted pillow Cassia useful to treat insomnia. Pillow folk sleep aids commonly used materials include rushes, amber, black beans, magnets and so on. Typically pillow to spend 1-2 months to be effective, it is best to replace the pillow every few months to ensure effective play. Every night before going to bed drink a small amount of warm water to prevent damage to Yin-chun, aromatic medicines and material consumption, causing thirsty throat disease. Keep your bedroom temperature at 25-30 ° C.

Insomnia pillow square one

Chrysanthemum, magnets, Albizia julibrissin, Caulis each 100 grams, rushes, cloves each 30 grams, Shichangpu, Polygala, Fu Shen 60 grams, white sandalwood, borneol each 10 grams. (Illustration) if accompanied by more than a dream plus raw keel 100 grams, 60 grams raw oysters. Hammer broken blend, made ​​into a bag in the pillow.

Insomnia pillow square 2

Zhuru, chrysanthemum, mulberry leaves, mint, Oriental Arborvitae, angelica root, Nepeta, Dan, and other servings each magnet (not shown), hammer into debris mixed, into a bag, and made ​​pillow.

Insomnia pillow square 3

Mint, chrysanthemum, pale leaves, Artemisia annua, Perrin, Caulis each 30 grams, the dragon teeth, oysters, ocher 30 g (grated), Chuanxiong, Angelica, Vitex, woody, silkworm sand, orange peel, herb 10 grams, Asarum, Shichangpu, acacia, borneol each 5 g (illustration). Mixed herbs, hammer into the debris into a bag, and made ​​pillow.

Insomnia pillow must consider the age, physical condition, disease and seasonal environmental changes, dialectical symptomatic preparation.


Chinese Therapy for Infertility

Chinese Therapy for Infertility

(A) Scrapping

The use of smooth-edged tool, dipped in vegetable oil or warm water, in the neck, shoulders, back, or at the intercostal and other surface, top-down, repeatedly scraping from the inside outward, until the skin purple spots or patches so far. This method is simple and quick, commonly used in cold, heat stroke, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, stretching, chest tightness, abdominal pain, diarrhea, dyspepsia, motion sickness, seasickness, airsickness, acclimatized and so on. Some scholars believe that scraping is derived by manipulation.

Technique demonstration
Scraping Du: scraping by to sun down along the spine to the waist Yu.
Scraping Ren: Central premenstrual midline abdominal scraping down to the curved bone, or scrape down to the song by the smell of mutton bone.
Scraping the bladder full sun: scraping along the sides of the spine by Yu liver to shut down the yuan.
Usually takes 20 minutes, or chronic skin disease are advised not to.


The bladder

(B) the enema

In liquid enema, to reach the purpose of a therapy treatment, also known as "anal administration of law."

About enema treatment, early in the Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD) Zhang, "Treatise on", the already documented pig bile with enema. In modern times, the rapid development of enema therapy, began to be used a lot of local and systemic disease, and achieve better results. Clinical trials demonstrated that not only can cure enema colon, rectum local lesions, but also through intestinal absorption, and to target systemic disease. For example, for ulcerative colitis, uremia, intestinal obstruction and bronchial asthma. This method is simple, rapid absorption, markedly faster, but also to avoid certain adverse drug stimulation of the gastric mucosa.

Enema liquid is based on the patient's condition to compatibility. Concentrated by boiling to a certain drug dose, filtered into the special container reserve. After enema liquid needs to stay in the intestines 30 minutes or more, depending on the disease. Night after bedtime or it may be extended retention time and improve efficacy. Abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding during the menstrual period and caution.

Technique demonstration
SFAS, Patrina, dandelion, Commelina each 30 grams, triangular, Curcuma?, Peach, Cyperus, Corydalis each 10 grams. 100-200 ml of concentrated fry, retention enema. Or the next day, once a day, 10 times as a course of treatment, menstrual disabled. This side blood circulation, heat and dampness, suitable for infertility caused by chronic pelvic inflammatory disease.
(C) the drug ironing France
Drug ironing agent

In ancient iron therapy drug called "ironing", after the drug is heated and placed in specific parts of the body surface, repeatedly moving, or use moist heat cotton mulching to promote Cou dredge meridians reconcile, gas blood runs, to relieve the sufferings of an external treatment methods. This therapy convenient and easy, is one of the therapies used to combat common diseases.

Ironing agent selection principles, basic and Oral same way, but because of subject skin absorption, drug selection mostly with strong odor 辛香雄 based, such as with the temperature by tongmai, eradicates cold wet bulk, blood gas line, such as the role Shujin the drug, made ​​Irazu, medicine cakes, creams and other forms to apply.

Palace of infertile women often cold, the next focus Deficiency and so on. By selecting the meridian points, given appropriate medication and hot iron approach, can Quxie help recovery. For pelvic inflammatory disease, lose ovarian inflammation, endometriosis are valid.

Technique demonstration

Herbs Salvia, after leaves, Speranskia, Cyperus, herb wrap with a cloth, etc., into the steamer and steam heat, and topical in the lower abdomen, or the drug sizzling, into a bag at the disease spreads. In addition, the oral administration of the dregs usually wrapped with a cloth, hot place also spreads disease.
(Four) umbilical therapy

Navel called "Umbilicus therapy" is one of the important means of external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. Physicians need to choose drugs based on the disease, will be made of cream, red, pill, powder, paste and other forms, sticking to the navel, and then tape or gauze covering the fixed, or further with moxibustion or hot iron to prevent and treat disease.

Chinese medicine theory, navel aka "God Que", is Ren's points. It is an important point of the meridian system, and internal organs, limbs, bones have a very close relationship between physiology and pathology. By umbilical (Shenque) localized stimulation through skin penetration, Meridian conduction, stimulate gas meridian, coordination of various body organs function.

Technique demonstration

Herbs white pepper 50 grams, 100 grams cumin, ground into a fine powder, wrapped with gauze, attached to the umbilical, plus a belt fixed, 10 days dressing once. Applicable to the palace cold infertility.
(Five) suppository France

Also known suppository therapy "suppository therapy", the drug is prepared to grow the cylindrical suppositories, a method for rectal or vaginal administration. As early as the Han Dynasty, the Chinese already use this method to treat constipation. Now used not only topically, but also by absorption of rectal or vaginal mucosa, the treatment of systemic diseases.

Technique demonstration

The dodder, Cnidium, clove, raw Wu Yu, raw almonds, raw barley, etc., made ​​suppository. Every night before going to bed to clean the vulva, the suppository with sterile gauze wrapped, deep into the vagina, it is best to retain more than four hours. For lack of yang, cold house infertility in women.


Chinese Therapy for losing weight

Chinese Therapy for losing weight

Application formulation (cream, cream, liquid), or combined with massage slimming effect can be achieved locally. Topical agents active ingredient in weight loss, experiments show that can act directly on the excessive subcutaneous fat, promote fat cells shrink, achieve the purpose of the local diet. In addition, the role of the active ingredient can also penetrate into the bloodstream accounted for 20% of total body subcutaneous vascular area; transporting the body through the blood circulation, and therefore is not limited to the role of the local diet.
Chinese medicine outside the rule is not limited to the role of the local diet.
Body fat as long as the control diet and increase physical activity, will be able to achieve weight loss. Conversely, only partial obese, using diet and exercise, does not necessarily localized fat can subtract, you can use this medicine topical agents. Select topical slimming process must be regulated. Body fat storage and decomposition is a dynamic equilibrium process, treatment must be continued, so that lipolysis is greater than the stored fat to achieve weight-loss purposes. In addition, the diet should also cooperate to control fat storage. Eating Menus can ask nutrition experts.

Chinese medicine external treatment method is simple. Common practice is to wet hot towel for 15 minutes, then coated in a local weight loss agent, under the direction of self-friction over 20-30 minutes, once a day, morning and evening can be.


Chinese therapy for impotence

Chinese therapy for impotence

Kidney impotence

Guilingji impotence pill: foxglove, medlar, Epimedium, Cnidium, actinolite, laevigata, Dodder, Woodwardia, cynomorium, Dragon, fleece-flower root, Morinda, complanatus, raw yam, Codonopsis, Zhigancao Eucommia.

On the drug into powder, refined honey for Wanru Firmianae large, each pill weighs 9g, twice daily for one pill.

Side solution: foxglove, medlar, fleece-flower root nourishing yin; Epimedium, Cnidium, actinolite, Dodder, Woodwardia, cynomorium, Dragon, Morinda, complanatus, gutta warming yang; Jinyingzi kidney astringent fine; yam, Codonopsis, licorice Buzhongyiqi. Compatibility of various drugs were played essence tonic to cure kidney impotence effect.

Mental factors impotence caused by nerve

Oolong pill: Aspongopus, psyllium, orange peel, white, gutta?.

Research on the drug powder, refined honey for Wanru Firmianae large, each serving 5g, on an empty stomach, before going to sleep again for 1 second, salt or salt soup wine delivery service.

Side solution: Aspongopus kidney yang, qi meridians; Eucommia liver and kidney warming, cold and dampness; Citrus qi circulation; Atractylodes Spleen Qi; Plantago light penetration dampness. Various drugs, common play Warming yang, Huoxuetongluo to cure impotence effect.

2 impotence fumigation therapy

Fumigation therapy is the use of Chinese medicine decoction of hot steam fumigation affected area until the temperature in the liquid leaching method for treating localized. It is with the drug and heat, the role of the skin on the body through mucous membranes, prompting Cou dredge meridian reconcile blood flow. Liquid surface can be rinsed clean sores, Quchu toxin is one of the commonly used outside the law.

Materials: Dodder, Cnidium, chive seed, cottonseed, Curculigo, Epimedium, Morinda, actinolite, psoralen, anise, fennel 10 grams each.

Methods: After boiling, take warm smoked after the first wash the penis, scrotum and perineum, 2 times a day.

3 impotence moxibustion therapy navel

The drug deposited into the umbilical eye to treat a traditional external treatment of the disease. Chinese medicine believes that the navel and Zhu was communicated by the gas through the line and make the traffic in organs, limbs, facial features Jiuqiao, fascia and other flesh. Moxibustion navel disease drug to be served at the meridian, so get rid of Evils, promote the body's recovery.

Method: Wash and dry the patient's first umbilical. The amount of salt finely sizzling, fill deposited navel, the home ginger, or directly on the column set Ai salt, ignition moxibustion.
Moxibustion navel
1 day, each moxibustion 5 strong about. 10 times as a course of treatment.

Note ** Do not thin salt, moxibustion to warm for the degree, rendering skin burns.

4 impotence scraping therapy

The use of smooth-edged tool, dipped in vegetable oil or warm water, in the neck, shoulders, back, or at the intercostal and other surface, top-down, repeatedly scraping from the inside outward, until the skin purple spots or patches so far. Is a simple and commonly used in clinical treatment method, used for colds, heat stroke, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, stretching, chest tightness, abdominal pain, diarrhea, dyspepsia, motion sickness, seasickness, airsickness, acclimatized embolism. Some scholars believe that the change from scraping a massage. This method without drugs, effective also fast, widespread application.


Technique demonstration (refer to diagram)

Scraping Du: Baihui along the spine from the middle down, the Ojo, to Yang, Vital, Yaoyangguan etc., scraping to waist shu.
Scraping Ren: by sea air hole by Guan Yuan, in a very, etc., to the curved bone scraping hole.
Scraping the bladder full sun: After along both sides of the spine from the heart shu down Yu liver, spleen, Shen Shu, Chi room, Guan Yuan Yu, etc., scraping to second hole?.

Scraping the bladder Impotence
Ren scraping Impotence


Chinese therapy for Leg cramps

Leg cramps, also known as the lower limbs twitch, is a common situation. The typical hair as lower limb convulsions, sudden contraction of the calf muscles after local muscle pain, deformation, touch stiff and tense, stiff joints. Leg cramps often occur at night to rest, especially during sleep time. Every cramp few seconds to a few minutes, the pain of varying severity. Lower limbs twitch muscles often are: gastrocnemius (calf muscle), biceps femoris (rear thigh muscles), quadriceps (front thigh muscles).

Distribution of the leg muscles
Leg cramps are very common, many people will occasionally occur, particularly the elderly and pregnant women.

Etiology of leg cramps is not very clear, but there are many situations that can cause:

Excessive exercise, trauma, muscle strain
Ambient temperature suddenly changes, such as alpine weather, long-standing cold water
Poor posture, such as prolonged sitting or standing guard, or legs placed improper posture
Dehydrates the body, such as profuse sweating
Local circulation disorders, such as lower extremity vascular stenosis, hardening of the arteries
Electrolyte imbalance or minerals such as calcium, magnesium intake, such as severe diarrhea, vomiting, blood loss after
Overwrought emotions
The influence of drugs, such as diuretics, lipid-lowering drugs, antidepressants, adrenal hormones, etc.
Health problems such as kidney failure, liver cirrhosis, alcoholism, low thyroid function, etc.
1 leg cramps how to do?

Very often, when the legs and muscle twitching, massage and stretching can stop immediately. However, the first aid is not the same person, you need a lot to try to learn how to effectively massage and stretching to stop his seizures. In short, is to "do the opposite", in the opposite direction to slowly stretch the muscles. For example after a calf muscle twitching, commonly used emergency following ways:

1 reluctantly stood up, two-foot, showing lunge open, the leg cramps on the back straight, hands against the wall, upper body slowly forward, heel down the pressure to stretch the muscles twitch.
2 sit up straight cramps lower limbs, trunk flexion, soles of the feet with both hands Banzhu, slow, sustained stretch to the torso until the convulsions ease. If you need assistance, will be a big towel sets foot in cramps, clenched both ends of the towel, held high feet, drop down again, remember to keep the knee straight, maintaining the convulsions disappear.
3 If someone help, to the patient supine position, straighten your legs, your feet caught cramps, raised to the vertical position, then slowly press the foot down. Do not pull too hard when you avoid muscle damage. Remember to keep the knee straight.
4 If in the water, too late to go ashore, we must remain calm, do not panic. Take a deep breath, head into the water, and then, like jellyfish, back floating in the water, held tight to the side of the toe cramps, then gradually slowly straighten the limb. Not once, a few more times, the muscles will gradually relax restitution. When the pull toes, legs stretched forward as far as possible, while the heel kicking forward. After the relaxation, posture slowly changed to Yang swim swim to shore, and massage the calf to prevent cramps from happening again.
When stretching leg cramps
Other help blood circulation, muscle relaxation, pain relief measures include:

Ground walking, kicking
Hot showers
Cold or hot
Gently rub back and forth along the muscle
Taking pain medicine or muscle relaxants smear
Drinking water or sports drinks
In most cases, the case of occasional muscle twitching phenomenon is not harmful to the body. However, if you often cramps, affecting daily life, as well as sleep disturbance, should report to the doctor rule out the possibility of underlying disease. Where necessary, the doctor will stop twitching prescription drugs to improve symptoms.

2 Chinese medicine treatment leg cramps

Calf muscle twitching in the case of traditional Chinese medicine "arthralgia" category, commonly known as leg cramps, leg cramps. According to TCM theory, muscle and limb movement spleen, liver reinforcement, renal bone. These organs weakness, lack of blood, muscles and bones have problems. Yongzhi as evil cold dampness of the meridian or other stimuli, caused by lower limb meridians blood block, you can have cramps. In addition, the liver is responsible for regulating the storage of blood and blood when the body rest and sleep, blood requirement to reduce excess blood returning to the liver; during exercise or work requirements increase blood, liver blood put storage transport the body. At night, the less blood nutrition muscle tendons, particularly insufficient and therefore more common occurrence evening.
TCM liver and spleen image
TCM Syndrome handled by leg cramps, visceral nourishing treatment places, getting tongmai, warm eradicates cold based. The following are common syndromes leg cramps and prescription.

Cold stagnation meridians

Leg or toes twitching, pain, muscle stiffness, pain, chills, pain reduction was warm, many patients with mouth thirst, thin white fur, pulse string tight. TCM treatments for warm meridians and getting pain.
Prescription Example: Powder Aconitum cock soup

Alpine resistance network

Limbs heavy, frequent leg and toes twitching, pain, patient or ankle swelling, pain relief was warm, greasy tongue coating, pulse. TCM treatments for cold and dampness, warm through pain.
Prescription Example: Powder cock Yiyiren, herb, peony

Stagnation of liver blood deficiency

Calf and toe muscle stiffness, throbbing, numbness, patients often accompanied by dizziness, headache, mental depression, chest swelling, nausea, pale complexion, lips A pale, pale tongue, pulse string breakdown. TCM treatments for liver meridians, nourishing getting.
Prescription Example: Guishao Liujunzi can add Chai Hu Tang, gelatin, papaya

Blood deficiency

Twitching leg or toe pain, flexion and extension negative, many patients with lassitude, less gas lazy words, insomnia, dizziness, lip A pale, pale tongue, weak pulse. The treatment method for replenishing qi and blood, getting and networks.
Prescription Example: Shiquandabu pill can add dogwood, papaya

According to clinical experience, muscle tendon disease treatment effective slow, so taking some time must be long to decoction is appropriate.

Asarum papaya aconite
Asarum papaya aconite
Pregnant leg cramps

Pregnant women often have lower limbs twitch, mostly in middle and late occur. Due to increasing weight after pregnancy, legs burden, local blood vessels and nerve compression; another significant increase in nutritional requirements, dietary intake likely to have uneven situation. Sudden lower limbs twitch at night often woke up pregnant, and sometimes during the day also appeared, accompanied by body aches.

From the Chinese point of view, pregnant women due to child care and blood, caused by the relative lack of hepatic blood, muscles easily dystrophy. If the lower limbs by wind cold dampness evil alien invasion, meridian runs sluggish, there will be cramps. Treatment should Bugan, getting, warm, relieving wet.

Yin deficiency

Leg throbbing, repeated seizures, patients have upset, insomnia, headache, dizziness, dry mouth, dry stool, red or pale, thin yellow coating, pulse smooth. TCM treatments for nourishing Liver.

Prescription Example: Siwutang together abalone, keel, oysters, Millettla

Blood deficiency

Leg throbbing, repeated attacks, most patients with dizziness, headache, lassitude, no appetite, pale and tasteless mouth, lips and pale face, pale tongue, thin white, thin weak pulse. TCM treatments for BNI.

Prescription Example: Ba Zhen Tang together papaya, Millettla

Peony Atractylodes Achyranthes
Peony Atractylodes Achyranthes
3 acupuncture treatment of leg cramps

Acupuncture effective regulation of muscle excitability, leg cramps are a common therapy. According to TCM theory, the calf muscle twitching mainly due to the lower limbs by cold stimulation, through the air unfavorable, causing sudden partial muscle twitching.
Acupuncture or moxibustion techniques, stimulate acupoints surface, clear the meridians, qi and blood circulation, can spasm and pain.

Leg cramps disease located in the foot a small positive bladder, are less carnal deficiency, treatment with Warming blood, Shujin network based. Point Selection: Venezuela (Bl 40), Cheng-shan (Bl 57), Kunlun (Bl 60), Yanglingquan (Gb 34), after the river (Si 3), Zusanli (St 36) Operation: if being jerks when a single take on lateral River Point, get gas, diarrhea law, strong stimulation, to cramp stationary. In peacetime, the desirability of unilateral Chengshan, Venezuela, Yanglingquan, Kunlun twisting the needle, after the gas, reducing method. Once a day, alternating sides stimulation, each time the needle 1 hour, moxa or radio, 10 days for a course of treatment.

Analysis: After the calf muscles (gastrocnemius) is at the foot of the bladder through the line of the sun, Venezuela, Cheng Shan, Kunlun belong meridians and acupoints on this, but also cramp attack site. Principles "of the over through, attending clinics" and "near the Ministry of acupoints" in line with Chinese medicine. Yanglingquan belong Gallbladder by foot, but also the tendons will cave, attending muscle disease; after the river is eight confluence points, and Yang Qiao intricately interlinked, lower limb movement and help regulate sleep. Select these points were played Shujin network, antispasmodic analgesic effect.

Leg cramps leg cramps acupuncture points acupuncture points
Leg cramps leg cramps acupuncture points acupuncture points
* If you do not want to use acupuncture stimulation, acupuncture can also be used in the local cupping method, can stay five minutes.

4 massage Prevention leg cramps

Massage can play warm the meridians, declared through blood, antispasmodic analgesic effect. Self-massage can relieve calf muscle stiffness, pain and other symptoms, and sometimes even Shoudaobingchu, is an effective means to deal with prevention of cramps. People often cramp to do stretching and massage at bedtime, especially for easy muscle cramps.

1 rub Zuxin: fist, rub Zuxin to heat;
2 rubbing points: Venezuela (Bl 40), Zusanli (St 36), Cheng-shan (Bl 57), Yanglingquan (Gb 34), Kunlun (Bl 60), after the river (Si 3), with the thumb Roudong hard to have a sense of soreness appropriate, per hole 1 minute;
3. virtual palm (fingers together, metacarpophalangeal joints bend) after a smooth and rhythmic beat beat calf muscle, about 1 minute;
4. his hands rub the calf muscle, bottom-up, repeat 2 minutes;
5 straighten the knee, holding the toes, soles of the feet with both hands Banzhu, traction.
Stretching methods and emergency stop lower limb cramps same main stretch the gastrocnemius and foot muscles.

5 Scrapping Prevention leg cramps

Scraping therapy is stimulated by local subcutaneous congestion, making Cou dredge, dirty cloud of gas organs accessible on the outside, the whole body blood flow to promote physical rehabilitation. Scrapping simple operation, is common folk care methods. The use of smooth-edged tool, dipped in vegetable oil or warm water, in particular at the surface, top-down, repeatedly scraping from the inside outward, until the skin purple spots or patches so far.

Leg cramps are suitable for scaling the spine on both sides (5th - 7th thoracic and lumbar) and popliteal fossa. First with a wet towel to wipe locally, along the spine from top to bottom, gently scrape down along, gradually increased, to scrape along the same direction, with the wrist, uniform strength, general scraping 10-20 times. After scraping the popliteal fossa. After Guawan dry oil or water stains, and wipe a small amount of bruising at carminative oil, break.

If the local ecchymosis not scattered, then where should scrape. Serious illness, skin diseases, bleeding tendency, too skinny, hunger, the meal is not suitable for scraping.

6 leg cramps daily care

Leg cramps usually do not need treatment, usually more exercise legs, keep warm, eat warm food, cramps will reduce or disappear. Often have leg cramps must first understand some of their own "history", such as diet, daily exercise (work) volume, cramps site, when the weather episodes, each of incentives may be different, all the factors, the understanding of after the impact of the body, you can do targeted prevention improvements. If frequent cramps, but no cause, must be handled with care, the doctor to do the inspection report. Some cramps may be a symptom of some vascular diseases, diabetes or neurological disorders.

Here are some suggestions to prevent cramps life:

A balanced diet, eat more foods rich in calcium and magnesium
If leg cramps easy to avoid air-conditioning, fans, etc. directly into the leg hair
Cold, note the lower limbs keep warm
Before exercise, be sure to fully warm up; also stretch the muscles after exercise
Choose a good supporting performance and comfort shoes
Add water, always keep sipping all day habit
Drink less alcohol and caffeine drinks
No matter how busy working during the day, remember to find time to do regular stretching exercises, must be done before going to sleep
Daytime moderate exercise, such as jogging, cycling and the like, exercise, improving lower extremity muscle conditions
A lot of people sleeping posture is bad, the quilt cover tightly, press and hold the foot, calf and foot muscles tight, very prone to cramps. So you want some bedding Larsson, so the lower limbs have mobile space
Pregnancy cramps occur, it is recommended to wear compression stockings and elevation legs timing
To the elderly more than the sun, taking supplements
To relax the mood engaged in sports or work
7 leg cramps dietary choices

Leg cramps are often people who want to get enough nutrition, weekdays beneficial to multiple choice of fresh food. Many female patients also have calcium loss leading to osteoporosis problems, should eat milk, soy, seaweed, etc. to supplement calcium.

From the Chinese point of view, leg cramps and local blood blocked and alpine stimulation. Patients should eat foods help blood metaplasia, including dates, mushrooms, brown sugar, liver, lamb, beef, duck, goose, eggs, rabbit meat, yam, sesame, rice, longan meat, mushrooms, nuts, leek. Diet should be light and easy to absorb, unfavorable blood run cold food, should not eat. Alternatively, eat some cold, wet eradicates, vibrant food, including chicken, shrimp, snake, sea cucumber, bones, carp, squid, taro, celery, mulberry son, cherry, star fruit, lychee, chestnuts, walnuts, soybeans, white beans, lily, osmanthus, gourd, onion, ginger, Yiyiren, cinnamon, fennel, etc..

Millettla Zhigancao rutaecarpa
Millettla Zhigancao rutaecarpa
The following is a recipe for leg cramps:

1 peony (7.5g), licorice (7.5g). Jianshui day one, two suits, and even drink seven days.
2 papaya (7.5g), Evodia (6g), salt (1.5g). Jianshui day one, two suits, and even drink seven days.
3 papaya (5g), white peony root (7.5g), licorice (7.5g), keel (7.5g), oysters (7.5g). Fry keel, oysters 20 minutes, adding other materials, slow gently for 30 minutes. One dose a day, two suits, and even drink seven days.
4 Angelica (4.5g), white peony root (7.5g), oysters (15g), Millettla (7.5g), Zhigancao 4.5g). Jianshui drink, one dose a day, two suits, and even drink seven days.
5 Anemarrhena (6g), papaya (6g), white peony root (6g), licorice (6g). Jianshui drink, one dose a day, two suits, and even drink seven days.
6 black beans or soy beans washed, dried and put it into the prepared jars, pour the vinegar. Plus about a pound of beans per kilogram vinegar. 1-2 months in the refrigerator can be taken. Every 20 to 30, 1 to 2 times daily, long-term service.
Leg cramps often with another condition, "restless legs syndrome" confusion, the disease also very common, typical performance, lower extremity discomfort difficult implicit, muscle or bone in the sense of creeping specious ant line there, twitching , itching, burning sensation, and so on. Patients often complain of lower limb restlessness, must always activities legs to relieve discomfort.