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An inspiring story of alternative healing from an American cancer specialist

There was a famous American doctor of cancer. His mother had lung cancer. Her lung cancer already expanded to bones and brain, so chemotherapy didn't work. This doctor was very clear that his mom's life is not going to last long. But he still asked a European alternative healing cancer center for a consultation. Every treatments this cancer center do didn't get approved by mainstream medicine. As a cancer specialist himself, he would never recommend any patient to try something like this. But as a son, he would try everything to heal his mom. So they flew to Europe for this alternative treatment.

The people who worked in this center all look energetic, and very optimistic. These suffering mother and son started to get a little optimistic as well stimulated by these people. However they're still very suspicious when the treatment starts. Few days later, they feel a lot happier and much more optimistic. This center doesn't give medicines or chemotherapy, because whoever comes in already did the maximum chemical or medicine treatment one could take. Patients here take a treatment through a special designed diet with powder and herbs. It was heard that these nutrients are what the patient lacks. The whole treatment includes group treatment with other cancer patients and meditation as well. With positive energy and hope, his mother feels confident and happy. This feeling is so different from waiting for death in the hospital.

Few weeks later in the middle of the treatment, this mother passed away in sleep. From the mainstream medical point of view, all the flying cost, efforts and time, the fake hope that built up during the treatment seemed to make this trip totally worthless. However, this doctor, as a son as well, didn't regret what he did. He said, "Science can't give me, my mother and my family the calmness, the peace and the satisfaction during this period of time. "

This story told me that whether we choose alternative healing or not, the attitude towards it must be very clear - it's a treatment that we believe in, whether it succeeds or not. Then we should be able to find our peace.