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An inspiring little Qi Gong story from film producer Raymond Wong

Recently I've read an article written by a famous Hong Kong film producer named Raymond Wing Bak-Ming. Usually he writes about movie industry or any interesting celebrities worked with him in his column. This time he talks about a little Qi Gong Story that helped healing the cancer of his wife, because he's also famous of fighting along with his wife's against her cancer around 12 years ago. He was a very famous Hong Kong movie director and producer. His career was always the first priority, family came second. There was a time he had affairs and almost left his wife and children...however, in 1997 he found his wife suffering from the last stage of ovarian cancer. This sudden change awakened him and figured out his wife is the most important person to him. He stopped all his work and began look around any possible healing method for his wife. He tried multiple approaches together, including chemotherapy, Qi Gong, shark cartilage powder, Ganoderma lucidum (also known as Reishi in Japanese or Ling zhi in Chinese), traditional Chinese medicine with all love, care and support from himself and their children. It turned out his wife was cured after 4 months, and he even wrote the full story into a book to share their experience.

The article I read wasn't from the his book. It's from his column on a magazine. He said there's a kind of Qi Gong (there're many kinds of Qi Gong) called "self-controlled" Qi Gong.  He called it "Walking Qi Gong" because the postures are mostly walking. He also warned that only use Qi Gong exercise as supplementary help for treating cancer, not for major cure.

"Self-controlled" Qi Gong is based on the Traditional Chinese medicine theory, "Losing control is the base of all causes of diseases ." (This also refers to my last few articles about the imbalance of Qi and Blood, Yin and Yang causing diseases as well.) Through the study of Qi Gong, people learn how to control, lead the Qi (or Chi), and encircle it back as a cycle. Hence strengthen the self-adjustment system in the body. This "Self-controlled" Qi Gong were proved effective to around 32% cancer patients. Some patients even think it cured their cancer. But Raymond Wong think this Qi Gong is more like playing a role of reviving the weak body instead of curing cancer directly. That's why even some patients of chronic disease study this kind of Qi Gong and "mend" their body, and recover along with the traditional medical treatments .

Tomorrow, we'll continue to talk about the particular "Walking Qi Gong" that his wife has been studying.