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A brief introduction of Hand Acupressure

I shared 3 different hand acupressure I learned in the last 3 posts. Some friends started to ask me questions about hand acupressure.I figured may be I should share some knowledgeable introduction about hand acupressure from my research so it makes more sense.

"Acupoints" are the critical points on the 12+2 major channels (or called meridians) for Qi (Chi) and blood flow to run. They're all over our body. If we call our internal organs the power house, then the acupoints are adapters. By stimulating these acupoints through acupuncture or acupressure, Qi (Chi) and blow flow got adjusted and balance better. So as a metaphor, sickness is like a sudden change of charge/current, healing through acupoints are like controlling the adapter to adjust voltage. As long as we keep the power flow stable, we're healthy.

About half of the starting points of those channels locate on our finger tips. Some call our hands as a thermometer of internal organs, or even a forecast channel of health, because our hands can tell our sickness in advance. For example, if the color of the palm looks uneven, the blood circulation may have  problem. If fingernails show red dots or even gray dots, it can be a sign of blood clot in the brain. If the color of the convex part below the root of the thumb turn purple, it's a sign of a coming flu. Because there are many acupoints on the hand that are related to sickness, stimulating reflexive areas or acupoints on our hand can help healing. That's really "natural" healing.

Ways of stimulation:

1. Thumb acupressure - use your fingers (usually the thumb on the front and four fingers at the back to support) to rub or massage the reflexive area and acupoints. It's a very convenient stimulation. But it's not strong enough for certain illnesses that needs stronger stimulation. There are two ways to massage, one is direct press, another is press and rub around the acupoint. Which way to use depends on what kind of illnesses. Usually press 1, 2, 3 and release, press 1, 2, 3 and release, repeat for as long as needed for different case.  The strength of massage is usually hard, but some illness can't take too much stimulation.

2. Cigarette moxibustion - use a lighted cigarette or the Chinese medical moxibustion to approach the acupoints for heating stimulation. Be sure not to burn the skin. Horizontally held cigarette is actually better then pointing the acupoints vertically. Make sure you don't burn your skin, 5mm distance should be close enough. Approach, and then away. Repeat 7-15 times. Depends on what kind of illnesses, sometimes we'll have to do it everyday. Note that we never do this after shower or a bath.

3. Toothpick/pointy device - this is to replace the acupuncture needle while this gives a stronger stimulation then acupressure or cigarette. It's easier to use a bunch of toothpicks (5-10) for stimulation because normally we're not that accurate pointing to the acupoints. Although we don't want to hurt our skin, feeling pain and stimulation during the process is important. Otherwise it's not going to be effective. Usually 1, 2 press, 3, 4 away, 1, 2 press, 3, 4 away, keep repeating in this tempo. First timer can try like 10 times.

A normal question asked is about which hand to stimulate. The answer is that we stimulate both acupoints on both hands - they're supposed to be the same. If we find that one acupoint on one hand feels more painful than the other during the stimulation, then we stimulate longer and more on that point.

We can do this hand stimulation anytime, or when we feel more relaxed. But after bath, exercise, drinking, or during fever, these are when we should NOT do this hand acupoints stimulation. Pregnant woman should never do it, especially the "He Gu" acupoint I mentioned last post for toothache. Strong stimulation on "He Gu" can cause miscarriage.

(sources: Hand natural healing)