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6 signs to tell that you’re healthy again by Dr. Ni

Last post I talked about some rules of thumbs from Dr. Ni. I've been reading a speech he gave in Los Angeles a while ago. Certain things I kind of mentioned in my blog before that are quite similar. I'll take part of the speech that talked about how traditional Chinese doctor of Northern China decide whether you're healthy or not and translate for you guys:

  1. Sleep well without any interruption and wake up in the morning. However, if you can't sleep because you argue with your husband or wife, that's normal.
  2. Normal appetite. That doesn't mean a good appetite that keeps you eating. That means it's just about right enough to satisfy you. Not an appetite that keeps you want more food.
  3. The first thing wake up in the morning is a bathroom break to take a deuce. Breakfast after that.
  4. 5-7 times urination per day. Urine volume should be large, color should be light yellow.
  5. No matter what season or where you are, head/face/body stay cool, while limbs like hands feet, arms and legs are warm.
  6. In the morning, male have an erection while female has a sensitive breast as well.

When you take Chinese treatments whether it's herbs or acupuncture, once all these 6 good signs appear, that means you're quite healthy. If not, that means you're in a wrong medical direction.

If I found something more that's interesting in the speech and I can translate (actually that's quite a difficult task), I'll continue.