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25 foods to keep women young (part 3)

(cont'd from Part 2)

18. Soybean

Soybean is one of the plants that contains more estrogen, which is very important to women's health.

19. Yogurt

Yogurt helps digestion and effectively prevent defection of intestines, strengthen the immune system. Compared to major milk, yogurt has low fat and high calcium with vitamin B2, these are great for our body as well.

20. Coriander

Coriander contains rich iron, calcium, sodium, zinc, vitamin A and vitamin C etc. It also helps urination, maintain blood sugar level and prevent cancer

21. Chocolate

Chocolate has sedative function. Its taste and texture also stimulate the "happiness nerves" in the brain and makes one happy.   You may not believe it, but chocolate helps slow down the process of caries caused by de-mineralization.

22. Potato

Protects pancreas and stomach. Eating more potatoes can help relieve hot and thirst, and also constipation. Place a slice of potatoes on the bags under the eyes can help clear it.

23. Mushroom

Mushroom is definitely rich in nutrients. It helps our immune system and it's a good food to lose weight because it has very low calories. It contains a lot of fiber to prevent constipation and lower cholesterol in blood. It contains more vitamin C than most fruits and help the metabolism.

24. Egg

Egg helps improve our memory and skin tone. Egg yolk can help synthesize vitamin H.

25. Walnut

Walnut improves the health of brain. Its nutrition value is 5 times of egg and 9 times of milk. The protein of walnut contains a very important element called lysine, which is very good for the brain.