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Diet for Hair Loss

Diet for Hair Loss

Hair loss is a medical term used to describe inexplicable hair loss. Most of the human body to lose 70-150 hairs a day, mainly through washing and combing. When hair is lost faster than the replacement rate he called alopecia.
Permanent alopecia (hair can not be recycled), is usually genetic cause. However, temporary hair loss, is composed of many causes, including nutritional deficiencies and inadequate diet caused. Thus, the nutrient may be effective in treating hair loss.
Nutrition and Hair Loss
What you eat can affect hair growth. Strengthen the body's cells healthy diet health, including healthy hair follicle cells.
Cells within the hair follicle hair must meet certain metabolic demands, hair growth can occur. Means need certain vitamins, minerals and protein, making hair growth, otherwise the hair may break or even fall off.
Modern diet rich in refined, processed foods often lack key nutrients needed for hair growth. It is also worth mentioning that the high fat diet, the animal protein may also lead to hair loss, since they damage the kidneys and in the blood to become acidic.
So pay attention to proper diet and adequate intake of the following foods are, they can help prevent hair loss or hair breakage.

Foods rich in vitamin A and C
Vitamin A and C will help the body to produce substances called sebum, which is secreted by the hair follicles and the hair root is used as a natural conditioner. Dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach are good sources of vitamins A and C,.
Rich in foods rich in B vitamins
Vitamin B is the strength of hair growth is particularly important. Vitamin B2 (riboflavin), B5 (pantothenic acid) and B6 (biotin) to strengthen the hair follicles and promote hair growth, but recent scientific reports have shown that vitamin B12 deficiency, increased hair shedding. Foods such as red meat, dairy products, eggs, whole grains and green leafy vegetables are also good sources of B vitamins.
Foods rich in essential fatty acids
Essential fatty acids such as ω-3 and ω-6 conditioning agent and the hair follicle is a natural moisturizing effect, prevent hair breakage and hair loss. Ensure scalp health. Foods rich in essential fatty acids, including salmon, sardines, mackerel, flaxseed, nuts and avocado.
Foods rich in iron and protein
Hair loss may be iron deficiency, moderate intake of red meat, eggs, beans, whole grains and dark green leafy vegetables can make hair loss improvement.
Protein-rich foods stimulate hair growth and strengthen hair follicles and prevent further hair loss. Protein-rich foods include red meat, poultry, fish and seafood, dairy products, eggs, beans, nuts and seeds.
Silica-rich foods
Silica (Silica) is to stimulate and strengthen the important minerals hair growth. Silica may be such as cucumber, celery, leafy vegetables, strawberries, brown rice and oats naturally absorbed from food.


Cyberchondria – Google Glass with online health diagnose

Cyberchondria - Google Glass with online health diagnose

When the sick limb weakness, trouble still waiting to go out for treatment, the disease results plus disease. For this case, Google is experimenting "line to see a doctor" service, in addition to searching for basic medical information with family, but also launch an online video consultations, for use at home more effective diagnosis.
Google confirmed that work with the two medical groups, in addition to searching for health information on the different types of users, and provide professionally qualified doctors for patients in the online video consultation. The current test version free of charge, but will charge the service officially launched.

Google Glass help doctors diagnose
Video will follow the expert consultation services platform Helpouts operation, there Helpouts through Internet video calls, so for live conversation with family and experts in different areas. Although similar to the long walk from the medical services provided by other companies, but with Google's popularity, coupled with the Google Glass convenient doctors believe can make the service popular, but yet have a formal launch date.
Online information developed, many people search on the Internet to obtain medical information, but worried that the patient will suffer from the medical profession, "Internet self-diagnosis disease" (cyberchondria), that is based on symptoms for self-diagnosis, through Web searches, resulting in increased health anxiety losses than gains.

On the other hands, A 31-year-old American naval personnel wearing Google Glass glasses addiction, addiction treatment to accept, I believe that was the first to wear Google Glass cases arising from Internet addiction disorder. The patient receiving treatment at Sarp thirty-five days after treatment effect is good, granted discharge.
American Drug Abuse and Rehabilitation Program (Sarp) Addiction and Rehabilitation Research Donne head doctor, the patient by September ○ 一 years was sent to Sarp, accept alcohol treatment. When the patient admission, there unconscious action, determined to addiction, poor memory, irritability and more quarrelsome.
According to the Sarp, the patient must be treated in thirty-five days away from temptation, including the inability to eat smoke, drink alcohol, they can not use any electronic device. Results doctors found the patient repeatedly index finger click temples, open Google Glass headset seem to make miniature display unconscious action.
Under the fine to ask the patient said he bought two months ago Google Glass, refers to the glasses help improve his work performance, speed up the completion of the Navy military list.
Future glasses about 18 hours, and only removed when sleeping and bathing, and to recognize when buying glasses since dreams are dreamed he began wearing glasses and other symptoms. Donne patients even to admit that he's actually representing Google Glass addiction alcoholism but also deep.


Fish Ebola from Norwegian Salmon?

Salmon imported from Norwegian were found to contain infectious salmon anemia (Infectious Salmon Anaemia, referred to as ISA), and China in order to prevent "fish Ebola" virus passed on the mainland salmon farming industry caused significant damage, China and some other countries banned the import of whole Norwegian salmon.

Processed products is not affected
Reuters quoted the Norwegian Food Safety Authority said that China banned imports of Norwegian salmon whole, because in May of this year, the Shenzhen Bay Inspection and Quarantine officers from two batches of imported chilled salmon in Norway, and examination of the ISA virus. The Chinese side said that until the importer can prove that there is no ISA virus imported salmon, and other variants of the virus, will consider lifting the ban. But some of processed salmon, no head, gills and viscera, you can continue to the entrance.

However, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority said it could not make a commitment to this. Bureau officials said that due to the non-pathogenic ISA virus in European waters common or minor pathogenic variant, to ensure that exports of salmon in the waters unaffected ISA-infected produce "more difficult." Norway has asked China to provide comprehensive risk assessment report, as well as the specific requirements of China's imports of salmon.

ISA virus is emerging farmed salmon in a highly lethal disease, mortality rate of nearly 100%, belong to the World Animal Health (OIE) announced the list of animal diseases must be notified, fish infected with ISA virus is not for human consumption. ISA virus was first discovered in 1984 in Norway, followed by the United States, Canada and other North Atlantic countries. In recent years, several Norwegian emergency report to the OIE, the country's multi-discovered ISA. In addition, the UK and Chile have repeatedly erupted ISA, where the 2007 outbreak of ISA virus in Chile so that has adversely affected the country's 30-year history of salmon export industry. But earlier studies that humans eating infected salmon are not hazardous to health.

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Can Traditional Chinese Medicine effective against Ebola?

Can Traditional Chinese Medicine or Herbs effective against Ebola?

Ebola virus (EBOV), Democratic Republic of Congo virus in Africa, named after the Ebola River (the country formerly known as Zaire), is used to refer to a group of viruses Khoi Ebola virus belongs to the fiber under several viruses generic term, can lead to Ebola virus disease, suffering from the disease can cause people to death, including a number of different levels of symptoms, including nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, skin color changes, body aches, internal bleeding, external bleeding, fever, infection those symptoms with the same virus family as fiber Marburg virus is very similar, with 50-90% of the death rate, the main cause of death was a stroke, myocardial infarction, hypovolemic shock or multiple organ failure.


August 12, WHO held a press conference in Geneva, Switzerland on the latest Ebola outbreak, there is a reporter's question "whether traditional Chinese medicine effective against Ebola."
Reporter: I'm from CCTV, there is a problem, China is also very concerned about this virus, whether you think Chinese medicine have some effect in the treatment of this viral aspect of it?
WHO spokesman Shu Qi: I think quite frankly I do not know, because you know that Chinese medicine in the treatment of malaria, there are some new progress, then he may have the effect, but for now we do not know even if there are some experts suggest some new treatments and prevention measures, but we have reason to believe that there are some treatment and prevention it is unclear circumstances.


Chinese Herbs for Allergic Rhinitis

Chinese Herbs for Allergic Rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis, also known as allergic rhinitis, are some of the material body of the increased sensitivity to adverse reactions caused disease. The main lesions in the nasal mucosa and glands, is divided into two types of perennial and seasonal. Clinical features of nasal itching, sneezing, watery nasal discharge, nasal congestion. The disease is characterized by the disease back cover, symptoms starting fast, good on something else, like a normal person after a good morning and evening for the common onset time.

Related symptoms, in ancient Chinese medicine "Yellow Emperor" called "allergic rhinitis" and "congested nose sneeze" and so on. "Allergic Rhinitis" means runny nose, and "congested nose sneeze" or sneezing frequently and have a lot of clear nasal discharge, nasal are one of the common symptoms.

Chinese medicine believes is responsible for breathing and nasal olfactory function, he and lungs, spleen, kidney and meridians are closely related. Nose lung external portal, the gas out of the channel. The principal function of the nose of dependence lung. Lung reconcile, the nasal passage patency, breathing through profit and sense of smell. Du column through the line in the nose to nose, and kidney Du, Du intersection in the kidney, so the nose can communicate with each other and kidney. Spleen is the source of qi and blood, the function of the nose on which its essence Ruyang are biochemical in order to play its normal activities.


Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment of chest sweating

Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment of chest sweating
Only those chest sweating more common in Western medicine autonomic nervous system dysfunction, hypoglycemia, hyperthyroidism, tuberculosis, shock, rheumatic fever and certain infectious diseases. Sweating chest disease should pay attention to the potential need to identify the reasons. Processed during the same time, according to TCM to relieve hyperhidrosis.

The sweating is a normal physiological phenomenon, Chinese medicine believes that Khan is a heart liquid essence of the technology, not too vent. Chest sweating due to blood deficiency, heart, spleen, kidney deficiency due.

Heart Spleen Qi

Chest sweating, shortness of breath, fatigue, palpitations, forgetfulness, bloating, loose stools, pale tongue, pulse imaginary. TCM treatments for heart Yipi up, Qi solid form.
For example Prescription: spleen soup together Yupingfengsan plus ephedra roots, floating wheat, Schisandra, calcined oyster

Heart and kidney

Chest sweating, upset, insomnia, weak waist, palpitations emission, red tongue, little fluid, rapid pulse. TCM treatments for nourishing the kidneys.
For example Prescription: Liuweidihuangwan together Tianwangbuxin Dan, plus floating wheat, Schisandra

Chest, two milk the middle of sweating, and other places no sweat or sweating little in intellectual workers are common. And hurt because Yongnaoguodu Heart, lack of effort caused sweaty chest, Chinese medicine called "sweat heart" or "Auntie sweat." These people often accompanied by mental fatigue, loss of appetite, poor sleep, dreams, and so on. Weekdays should be suitably Heart tonic, BNI, useful materials include Codonopsis, Poria, Chinese yam, lotus seeds, longan, red dates, pumpkin, mushrooms, ginseng, Gorgon, eggs. Here are some recipes replenishing hearts sweat.

Ginseng 10g, angelica 10g, a pig heart. Sliced ​​ginseng, angelica into the same pig heart, add 500ml water, fine steam stew three hours, Yin Tang eat pig heart.
Yam 30-60g, medlar 15-30g, porcine one. The yam cut fine; pig brain wash; with a pinch of salt, rice wine, ginger and herbs and mix brain, placed the bowl dense cover, and simmer gently for 30 minutes in a large, sprinkle pepper, sesame oil, seasoning, instant.
Floating wheat 15g, licorice 6g, Codonopsis 10g, Radix 10g, Schisandra 10g. Slightly crushed herbs, 1500ml with water and cook 30 minutes, when the frequency of drinking tea.
Floating wheat 30g, Poria 10g, Radix 10g, Sencha, the evening drinking.
Fresh lily 50-100g, lotus 30-50g, sugar 100g, boiled sugar.
Cardiothoracic hyperhidrosis should strengthen the physical, regular exercise such as jogging, tai chi, Ba Duan Jin, etc., to help relieve stress, regulate psychosomatic.


Chinese Therapy for sleepless

Chinese Therapy for sleepless
Pillow, pocket bag | Local applicator | Chinese medicine foot bath

According to TCM theory, the twelve meridians in the body surface has a reaction zone, called the twelve skin. Leather part is gas collaterals of spreading lies, living in the outermost layer of the body, acupuncture points on it, is an important position and external communication up and down, so that the surface and visceral interaction. Common External like applicator, moxibustion, hot iron, etc., are all acts by certain parts of the skin, not only for skin diseases, surgical trauma, ENT, surface disease, also often used for certain visceral disorders .

External medicine stems from long-term medical practice, rich in content, approach and diverse. Like asthma can back points applicator, navel, medicine inhalation, suppository, enema, have effectively aborted attack or prevention. The way the body surface or topical application, sometimes even make efficacy directly to disease, or condition for some patients not taking the drug.

Insomnia treatment, no matter for what reason, the ultimate goal is to restore physical and mental balance and harmony, so that the brain to re-establish a good sleep and wake rhythm. External convenient and effective medicine to relieve physical and mental imbalance, help sleep and maintain deep sleep. External also follow the dialectical principle, the choice of sedative drugs with raw, fierce, sweet medicine, will be made of plaster, powder, decoction, wine, oil, etc., in order to improve the surface penetration and absorption. Intractable insomnia especially suitable combination of external governance and internal governance process.

Pillow, sleep aids pocket bag

Use pocket bag pillow sleep aids are folk tradition, as early as Jin Ge Hong significant "elbow Emergencies", there is described with steamed soybeans loaded pillow treatment of insomnia, Song recorded fitted pillow Cassia useful to treat insomnia. Pillow folk sleep aids commonly used materials include rushes, amber, black beans, magnets and so on. Typically pillow to spend 1-2 months to be effective, it is best to replace the pillow every few months to ensure effective play. Every night before going to bed drink a small amount of warm water to prevent damage to Yin-chun, aromatic medicines and material consumption, causing thirsty throat disease. Keep your bedroom temperature at 25-30 ° C.

Insomnia pillow square one

Chrysanthemum, magnets, Albizia julibrissin, Caulis each 100 grams, rushes, cloves each 30 grams, Shichangpu, Polygala, Fu Shen 60 grams, white sandalwood, borneol each 10 grams. (Illustration) if accompanied by more than a dream plus raw keel 100 grams, 60 grams raw oysters. Hammer broken blend, made ​​into a bag in the pillow.

Insomnia pillow square 2

Zhuru, chrysanthemum, mulberry leaves, mint, Oriental Arborvitae, angelica root, Nepeta, Dan, and other servings each magnet (not shown), hammer into debris mixed, into a bag, and made ​​pillow.

Insomnia pillow square 3

Mint, chrysanthemum, pale leaves, Artemisia annua, Perrin, Caulis each 30 grams, the dragon teeth, oysters, ocher 30 g (grated), Chuanxiong, Angelica, Vitex, woody, silkworm sand, orange peel, herb 10 grams, Asarum, Shichangpu, acacia, borneol each 5 g (illustration). Mixed herbs, hammer into the debris into a bag, and made ​​pillow.

Insomnia pillow must consider the age, physical condition, disease and seasonal environmental changes, dialectical symptomatic preparation.


Chinese Therapy for Infertility

Chinese Therapy for Infertility

(A) Scrapping

The use of smooth-edged tool, dipped in vegetable oil or warm water, in the neck, shoulders, back, or at the intercostal and other surface, top-down, repeatedly scraping from the inside outward, until the skin purple spots or patches so far. This method is simple and quick, commonly used in cold, heat stroke, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, stretching, chest tightness, abdominal pain, diarrhea, dyspepsia, motion sickness, seasickness, airsickness, acclimatized and so on. Some scholars believe that scraping is derived by manipulation.

Technique demonstration
Scraping Du: scraping by to sun down along the spine to the waist Yu.
Scraping Ren: Central premenstrual midline abdominal scraping down to the curved bone, or scrape down to the song by the smell of mutton bone.
Scraping the bladder full sun: scraping along the sides of the spine by Yu liver to shut down the yuan.
Usually takes 20 minutes, or chronic skin disease are advised not to.


The bladder

(B) the enema

In liquid enema, to reach the purpose of a therapy treatment, also known as "anal administration of law."

About enema treatment, early in the Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD) Zhang, "Treatise on", the already documented pig bile with enema. In modern times, the rapid development of enema therapy, began to be used a lot of local and systemic disease, and achieve better results. Clinical trials demonstrated that not only can cure enema colon, rectum local lesions, but also through intestinal absorption, and to target systemic disease. For example, for ulcerative colitis, uremia, intestinal obstruction and bronchial asthma. This method is simple, rapid absorption, markedly faster, but also to avoid certain adverse drug stimulation of the gastric mucosa.

Enema liquid is based on the patient's condition to compatibility. Concentrated by boiling to a certain drug dose, filtered into the special container reserve. After enema liquid needs to stay in the intestines 30 minutes or more, depending on the disease. Night after bedtime or it may be extended retention time and improve efficacy. Abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding during the menstrual period and caution.

Technique demonstration
SFAS, Patrina, dandelion, Commelina each 30 grams, triangular, Curcuma?, Peach, Cyperus, Corydalis each 10 grams. 100-200 ml of concentrated fry, retention enema. Or the next day, once a day, 10 times as a course of treatment, menstrual disabled. This side blood circulation, heat and dampness, suitable for infertility caused by chronic pelvic inflammatory disease.
(C) the drug ironing France
Drug ironing agent

In ancient iron therapy drug called "ironing", after the drug is heated and placed in specific parts of the body surface, repeatedly moving, or use moist heat cotton mulching to promote Cou dredge meridians reconcile, gas blood runs, to relieve the sufferings of an external treatment methods. This therapy convenient and easy, is one of the therapies used to combat common diseases.

Ironing agent selection principles, basic and Oral same way, but because of subject skin absorption, drug selection mostly with strong odor 辛香雄 based, such as with the temperature by tongmai, eradicates cold wet bulk, blood gas line, such as the role Shujin the drug, made ​​Irazu, medicine cakes, creams and other forms to apply.

Palace of infertile women often cold, the next focus Deficiency and so on. By selecting the meridian points, given appropriate medication and hot iron approach, can Quxie help recovery. For pelvic inflammatory disease, lose ovarian inflammation, endometriosis are valid.

Technique demonstration

Herbs Salvia, after leaves, Speranskia, Cyperus, herb wrap with a cloth, etc., into the steamer and steam heat, and topical in the lower abdomen, or the drug sizzling, into a bag at the disease spreads. In addition, the oral administration of the dregs usually wrapped with a cloth, hot place also spreads disease.
(Four) umbilical therapy

Navel called "Umbilicus therapy" is one of the important means of external treatment of traditional Chinese medicine. Physicians need to choose drugs based on the disease, will be made of cream, red, pill, powder, paste and other forms, sticking to the navel, and then tape or gauze covering the fixed, or further with moxibustion or hot iron to prevent and treat disease.

Chinese medicine theory, navel aka "God Que", is Ren's points. It is an important point of the meridian system, and internal organs, limbs, bones have a very close relationship between physiology and pathology. By umbilical (Shenque) localized stimulation through skin penetration, Meridian conduction, stimulate gas meridian, coordination of various body organs function.

Technique demonstration

Herbs white pepper 50 grams, 100 grams cumin, ground into a fine powder, wrapped with gauze, attached to the umbilical, plus a belt fixed, 10 days dressing once. Applicable to the palace cold infertility.
(Five) suppository France

Also known suppository therapy "suppository therapy", the drug is prepared to grow the cylindrical suppositories, a method for rectal or vaginal administration. As early as the Han Dynasty, the Chinese already use this method to treat constipation. Now used not only topically, but also by absorption of rectal or vaginal mucosa, the treatment of systemic diseases.

Technique demonstration

The dodder, Cnidium, clove, raw Wu Yu, raw almonds, raw barley, etc., made ​​suppository. Every night before going to bed to clean the vulva, the suppository with sterile gauze wrapped, deep into the vagina, it is best to retain more than four hours. For lack of yang, cold house infertility in women.


Chinese Therapy for losing weight

Chinese Therapy for losing weight

Application formulation (cream, cream, liquid), or combined with massage slimming effect can be achieved locally. Topical agents active ingredient in weight loss, experiments show that can act directly on the excessive subcutaneous fat, promote fat cells shrink, achieve the purpose of the local diet. In addition, the role of the active ingredient can also penetrate into the bloodstream accounted for 20% of total body subcutaneous vascular area; transporting the body through the blood circulation, and therefore is not limited to the role of the local diet.
Chinese medicine outside the rule is not limited to the role of the local diet.
Body fat as long as the control diet and increase physical activity, will be able to achieve weight loss. Conversely, only partial obese, using diet and exercise, does not necessarily localized fat can subtract, you can use this medicine topical agents. Select topical slimming process must be regulated. Body fat storage and decomposition is a dynamic equilibrium process, treatment must be continued, so that lipolysis is greater than the stored fat to achieve weight-loss purposes. In addition, the diet should also cooperate to control fat storage. Eating Menus can ask nutrition experts.

Chinese medicine external treatment method is simple. Common practice is to wet hot towel for 15 minutes, then coated in a local weight loss agent, under the direction of self-friction over 20-30 minutes, once a day, morning and evening can be.


Chinese therapy for impotence

Chinese therapy for impotence

Kidney impotence

Guilingji impotence pill: foxglove, medlar, Epimedium, Cnidium, actinolite, laevigata, Dodder, Woodwardia, cynomorium, Dragon, fleece-flower root, Morinda, complanatus, raw yam, Codonopsis, Zhigancao Eucommia.

On the drug into powder, refined honey for Wanru Firmianae large, each pill weighs 9g, twice daily for one pill.

Side solution: foxglove, medlar, fleece-flower root nourishing yin; Epimedium, Cnidium, actinolite, Dodder, Woodwardia, cynomorium, Dragon, Morinda, complanatus, gutta warming yang; Jinyingzi kidney astringent fine; yam, Codonopsis, licorice Buzhongyiqi. Compatibility of various drugs were played essence tonic to cure kidney impotence effect.

Mental factors impotence caused by nerve

Oolong pill: Aspongopus, psyllium, orange peel, white, gutta?.

Research on the drug powder, refined honey for Wanru Firmianae large, each serving 5g, on an empty stomach, before going to sleep again for 1 second, salt or salt soup wine delivery service.

Side solution: Aspongopus kidney yang, qi meridians; Eucommia liver and kidney warming, cold and dampness; Citrus qi circulation; Atractylodes Spleen Qi; Plantago light penetration dampness. Various drugs, common play Warming yang, Huoxuetongluo to cure impotence effect.

2 impotence fumigation therapy

Fumigation therapy is the use of Chinese medicine decoction of hot steam fumigation affected area until the temperature in the liquid leaching method for treating localized. It is with the drug and heat, the role of the skin on the body through mucous membranes, prompting Cou dredge meridian reconcile blood flow. Liquid surface can be rinsed clean sores, Quchu toxin is one of the commonly used outside the law.

Materials: Dodder, Cnidium, chive seed, cottonseed, Curculigo, Epimedium, Morinda, actinolite, psoralen, anise, fennel 10 grams each.

Methods: After boiling, take warm smoked after the first wash the penis, scrotum and perineum, 2 times a day.

3 impotence moxibustion therapy navel

The drug deposited into the umbilical eye to treat a traditional external treatment of the disease. Chinese medicine believes that the navel and Zhu was communicated by the gas through the line and make the traffic in organs, limbs, facial features Jiuqiao, fascia and other flesh. Moxibustion navel disease drug to be served at the meridian, so get rid of Evils, promote the body's recovery.

Method: Wash and dry the patient's first umbilical. The amount of salt finely sizzling, fill deposited navel, the home ginger, or directly on the column set Ai salt, ignition moxibustion.
Moxibustion navel
1 day, each moxibustion 5 strong about. 10 times as a course of treatment.

Note ** Do not thin salt, moxibustion to warm for the degree, rendering skin burns.

4 impotence scraping therapy

The use of smooth-edged tool, dipped in vegetable oil or warm water, in the neck, shoulders, back, or at the intercostal and other surface, top-down, repeatedly scraping from the inside outward, until the skin purple spots or patches so far. Is a simple and commonly used in clinical treatment method, used for colds, heat stroke, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, stretching, chest tightness, abdominal pain, diarrhea, dyspepsia, motion sickness, seasickness, airsickness, acclimatized embolism. Some scholars believe that the change from scraping a massage. This method without drugs, effective also fast, widespread application.


Technique demonstration (refer to diagram)

Scraping Du: Baihui along the spine from the middle down, the Ojo, to Yang, Vital, Yaoyangguan etc., scraping to waist shu.
Scraping Ren: by sea air hole by Guan Yuan, in a very, etc., to the curved bone scraping hole.
Scraping the bladder full sun: After along both sides of the spine from the heart shu down Yu liver, spleen, Shen Shu, Chi room, Guan Yuan Yu, etc., scraping to second hole?.

Scraping the bladder Impotence
Ren scraping Impotence